Our Policies

The following gives a brief introduction to some of the policies and procedures that we adhere to at Toddington Childcare. We review our policies annually to ensure a high standard of care to our children, parents and staff.

Admissions Policy

It is our intention to make our setting available to all children and families within our community. We are registered with Ofsted to care for 48 children under the age of 8 years, no more than 48 of these children may be in the early years age group and none of these may be under the age of 2 years at any one time.

Places in our pre-school are prioritised as follows:

· Children entitled to funded education

· Children needing to top up their nursery education hours

· Increased/change of sessions for fee paying children already in attendance

· Children on the at risk register

· Children within the local community

· Date of birth


Payment Policy

 We aim to provide affordable, good quality care and education for all our children. We:

 · access 2 year old funding for families fitting the criteria as set out by Central Bedfordshire Council

 · accept Government Funding for 3 and 4 year olds as payment or part payment of fees.

 · adhere to the terms and conditions set out by Central Bedfordshire Council regarding funding and understand that a child becomes eligible in the term after their third birthday

 · apply Nursery Education Funding as free at point of delivery

 · reserve the right to charge the funding equivalent in full for a child who is eligible but who chooses not to claim that funding with us

 · expect prompt, regular payment of fees

 · expect invoices to be paid within 14 days of      receipt unless other arrangements have been made

 · offer an option of paying fees on a weekly or monthly basis

 · accept employer related childcare vouchers

 · will charge for each session, even if a child is absent, as we cannot offer this session to anyone else

 · will notify parent/carers of fees outstanding at the end of each half term

 · reserve the right to withdraw a child’s space if continuous non payment of fees occurs


Behaviour Policy

We believe that children and adults flourish best in an ordered environment where everyone knows what is expected of them and children are free to develop their play and learning without the fear of being hurt.

Our aim is to provide goals and boundaries allowing children to build confidence and develop good self esteem in order to prosper.

Equal Opportunities Policy

We treat everyone as individuals, regardless of their religious persuasion, racial origin, cultural and linguistic background, sex, social group or disability.

Toddington Childcare is committed to providing equality of opportunity to all children and families and takes positive steps to eliminate discrimination in all areas of our work.

Special Educational Needs Policy

Our aim is to provide for the needs of all children and believe care and education of any child with special educational needs should be provided in an inclusive way within our setting. We have an appointed person (the SENCO) who has overall responsibility for implementing and reviewing our Special Education Needs Policy.

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Whistle Blowing

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